Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Here are a few housekeeping details for Friday... (yes it is this coming Friday!)

  • There will be signs on campus directing you to the parking lot (the steam-plant parking lot at the top of campus)
  • the workshop program has been emailed to each participant, and while we have had some last-minute cancellations we expect a good turn out with representation from all of the boards in the province, NSTU, Dept of Ed and Faculties of Ed from Acadian and MSVU.
  • We also have quite a wide distribution list that we plan to distribute the invitation to visit the blog to - and we are hoping that those board members who have cancelled will visit us virtually even though they cannot make it on Friday.

If anyone has some relevant and/or neat links they’d like posted feel free to send them along ( or

Tomorrow we will be posting a few of the findings that we will be discussing throughout the day. Stay tuned!

Ted & Charlene