Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dealing with Plagiarism...

According to the data from the Equity and Technology Project, 70% of teachers indicated that the issue of plagiarism was "definitely a concern" for them to have to contend with when students use the web for school related purposes.

Based on your experience, how can teachers effectively deal with the issue of plagiarism when students have access to the web outside of school?

Opening up the discussion...

So overall, I think that we could call the workshop successful. A fantastic dialogue was opened between researchers, policy makers and administrators of the education system in Nova Scotia. The blog brought in a few more voices from parents, teachers and other academics interested in what we were doing. In one week, this blog has had over one hundred visits from across the US and Canada.

Now it's time to open the dialogue up even more... encourage teachers, students and parents to visit this blog and share their experiences and ideas around effective use of computers in the classroom. The more voices we listen too, the better we can understand what is needed, and perhaps even more importantly, what is not needed.

So what we're going to do now is every week post a question or talking point around the use of technology in education. Many of these will be pulled out of the Equity and Technology research, but we encourage people to also suggest topics and questions for discussion.