Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dealing with Plagiarism...

According to the data from the Equity and Technology Project, 70% of teachers indicated that the issue of plagiarism was "definitely a concern" for them to have to contend with when students use the web for school related purposes.

Based on your experience, how can teachers effectively deal with the issue of plagiarism when students have access to the web outside of school?

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Anonymous said...

While plagiarism is a concern, I do not wish to rely on technical solutions. Rather, students need to understand that there is value to them and their learning in developing their own response to significant questions rather than copying holus bolus from other authors.

A non-technical solution is for teachers to focus their assignments on specific topics and issues which have local links and are less likely to already exist in print and online sources. For example, rather than asking students to write about general topics such as pollution or global warming, ask how pollution from industrial centres impacts on rural communities in Nova Scotia. Ask students to compare strategies for cleaning up the Sydney Tar Pond or Halifax Harbour with strategies in other parts of the world. Ask students to identify ways to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources in their own household or community.