Thursday, May 3, 2007

A few findings to think about...

The following are a few of the findings we will be discussing tomorrow during the workshop.

Gender Differences (Students)

  • Males spend more time at home and school
  • Males report more skills and more confidence
  • Females: more communication, more school work

  • Males more use of spreadsheets & programming

Socio-Economic Status (Students)

  • Major impact on home access
  • This translates into effects on:
    Amount of use
    Type of use
    Skill development

Rural/Urban Differences (Students)

  • Differences in access, especially to high speed Internet

  • School access important for rural; more time on school computers & Internet
  • Urban students report wider range of skills
  • No rural-urban differences in confidence

Race/Culture (Students)

  • Major impact on home access
  • First Nations - African Candians - White - Asian and other
  • Leads to less time using ICT at home & overall
  • Lower levels of skills
  • Lower levels of confidence

I'll be posting a few more findings from the teachers later in the day, along with some hints for effective use of this blog tomorrow during the workshop.

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