Friday, May 4, 2007

Success stories... What's worked?

  • Using the Internet for career and educational counselling and planning
  • Teaching music by using specialized software to score music based on the specific instruments in the band
  • Parent portals which allows parents to keep dibs on goings-on in the school (homework, newsletters etc)... although issues surrounding the updating of those sites remains problematic... and what about the parents who don't have access?
  • Assistive technology for those with physical and mental disabilities, using technology to assist in communication and physical barriers.

There is a presumption that technology will "fix" larger educational issues... but in many ways teachers may feel overwhelmed by it.

There is not enough attention paid to sustaining the technological infrastructure or the processes that sustain them.

The difference between classroom uses and integration of technology comes down to the individual teacher that is really enthusiastic about technology... How can we transform that energy into something more systemically.

There is a sincere effort by teachers to engage kids with technology...

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