Friday, May 4, 2007

ICT literacy as a form of social capital...

Emerging now is ICT as a form of literacy, in that it is considered a a critical skill for success in education and employment. It has been suggested that the average student will need proficient ICT skills to escape “McJob-like status” in the workforce (Menzies 1996).

ICT literacy can be considered a form of transferrable "social captial"... someone asked Dianne to define "social capital" Social capital is your network of connections and cultural resourses at your disposal that can help you get ahead in life. If social capital is transferrable, or convertible, these cultural resourses and ties can be turned into economic capital.

There are two types of social captial, bridging and bonding. Bonding social capital is capital generated within and between people of similar cultural groups, bridging social capital is capital generated between different cultural groups.

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