Saturday, May 5, 2007

What are the questions you want asked?

Please let us know... what are the questions you would like to see researched surrounding the educational use of technology?

The first question comes from a participant...

A set of questions and answers about when ICT is necessary and when it isn't important to use in the classroom. For example, PowerPoints and handouts.

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Anonymous said...

Notably I have done some work with the data from the project around teaching training programs, which were part of the research. In terms of addressing the question of when it is necessary to integrate technology into the classroom, the research is interesting.

It was a common theme among students in the Bachelor of Education programmes that integrating technology into curriculum is minimal or nonexistent. 77 percent of student-teachers reported that more resources are needed to better illustrate how to integrate technology into the curriculum, and over half of students interviewed (55 %) indicated that they “definitely/probably” needed more training with technology. These findings are supported by other studies that have found teacher-training programs do not provide future teachers “with the kinds of experiences necessary to prepare them to use technology effectively in their classrooms” (Milken Exchange on Education Technology 1999: i).

Ted Naylor
MSVU/University of Alberta